JayKay Events

16 February 2017

Dentists and professionals gathered to listen to promoting growth within the dental sector at a business breakfast organised by JayKay Events and NatWest.

One of the reasons for setting up JayKay Events was to help businesses put on excellent events and get in front of their intended audience. There’s no point in putting on an event if you’re not talking to the relevant people.

Kim Meadows from NatWest recognised this need and enlisted my services to help her put on a very sector-specific business breakfast aimed at dentists in the Warrington/Merseyside area.

I pulled together a list of relevant dentists and rang them all to get the name of the relevant person to send the invite to and their email address.

The dentists were then invited along to The Living Well, Willowbrook Hospice in St Helens.

I helped Kim to create the name badges, organised the breakfast for the guests – not easy in a non-catering venue – and managed the front of house on the day, which left Kim free to network and talk to the attendees, which were made up of dentists, solicitors,  accountants and bankers.

The talk was delivered to the attendees in a round-table format, which allowed for lively conversation and questions amongst everyone in the room. The dentists were all very engaged with the topic, asking pertinent questions.

Event management isn’t just about food and name badges, it’s about engaging with the attendees, making sure everyone feels welcome, introducing attendees to each other to ensure no one is left standing along feeling a bit lost. Sometimes, we can all feel as if we are the only person in the room nervous about talking to complete strangers. I make sure no one feels like that.