No thanks, we’re full!

We’re full to capacity with retainer work…that’s a lot of client expectations to meet – and we’re 100% dedicated to doing just that!

Who would ever have thought that my event management business would be turning business away!

Not me, given the past 18 months, that’s for sure…and yet, that’s the situation JayKay Events is now in…we’re full to capacity with retainer work! I’ve saved 8 hours a month for ad hoc events…like the two I have next week and the event in November with Spartan Survival, so I can still deliver your event, but if anyone wants regular hours from me, then I’m afraid they’ll have to wait until another project ends.

I hadn’t really thought about this too much until I was at a networx4business meeting and when it came to my turn to talk about JayKay Events I said “I’m not looking for any extra work for the next couple of months” and was absolutely beaming as I said it!

The main reason for picking up these new clients since the summer is because I’m going back to my roots of marketing. It wasn’t a planned movement, but came after my mentor suggested I look at other strings to my bow.

I’ve had a gazillion different jobs in a host of different sectors – child care, teaching, finance, cleaning, construction, PR, marketing, event management to name a few – and I know I’m a quick learner and can adapt to pretty much any situation.

This led me to working for Your Office & PA as a member of the call answering team. After two weeks the business owner asked me to do additional work on a retainer to support their social media…I of course agreed!

This led me to start working with The Social Desk as an account manager for 5 of their clients, so that’s two days a week spent working in their Liverpool office.

I then had it confirmed that I’m working one day a week as the Events & Marketing manager for the Princes Road Synagogue…it all started getting a bit daunting!

I’m working with Chester BID on their events as well as being on the Support Committee…and then I have my two fortnightly networx4business meetings and supporting Daryl Vickers with his plans for the networking community.

You should see my calendar – it’s colour co-ordinated for each client and planned to within an inch of it’s life! There are a lot of client expectations to meet – and I’m 100% dedicated to doing just that!

I absolutely love being part of different teams again – the banter, the support, the company! It’s been a lonely time attempting to run a non-existent company from home, but tenacity (stubbornness) and positivity (daftness) has seen me through.

So, I’m here for your one off events, but any regular work will have to wait for now!