There has been a lot of talk about the future of various industries as we continue to fight against the challenges set by the pandemic of Coronavirus. Some areas have thrived but many have suffered severely and we will see many businesses have to make redundancies before the end of the year.

The option for those affected is for them to bury their head in the sand (not a sensible option), find a new job (not an easy option), get job seekers sorted (not a pleasant option), or maybe join the world of the self-employed (the scariest option!).

As the part of my planning for JK Business Support I have been thinking about how I could help those facing the challenge of self employment and realised that it’s actually very easy ! I can have a no-obligation chat to see how I can help them shape their thoughts and plan their future.

I had no one to turn to when I first set up in business – I just went gung-ho (as is my way!) and have figured things out as I’ve gone along.

But imagine having someone who’s giving advice, support and making key introductions etc etc…well that’s my small contribution to helping get things back on track.

During the last 20 weeks I’ve been given major health care by the NHS, been given support by so many friends and colleagues as my business disappeared down a hole, and somehow I’m still here, still planning and still moving forward. SO NOW IT’S TIME TO PASS THAT SUPPORT ON!

Whether it’s a 10 minute phone call or a more in-depth conversation, I’m here to help so please pass it on… there’s no obligation and it could be really helpful for them.

Judith Kenyon
Tel: 07941 986806