I’m loving 2020 already!

We’re half way through February which means I’ve been back working this year for six weeks. That isn’t very long and yet so much has happened already so I thought I’d share some of the highlights

PA support

I signed up to work with Joanne Hawkins of Executive PA Services last October after some very serious consideration but I didn’t really know how to let go of my workload…my bill in November was £14 and my December bill was £10.

Jo then introduced me to one of her new PAs, Gill, and things have changed considerably! Before we met I’d organised a list of projects I wanted to start on, so I knew exactly what I wanted Gill to take off my list and she’s done it so well! We already have a routine of fortnightly phone calls and a list of actions from that call. She puts things I don’t want to do in my calendar in SHOUTY CAPITALS which is just ace!

She also has had some brilliant ideas for me – like the creation of these JK Events postcards to send out to make an impact rather than just sending another boring email!

I’m so excited with how things are moving forward…and needless to say my January bill was a touch higher!



I’ve been having some excellent meetings with people that I have met through networking (all of my clients/referrers/support network have come from networking) and so far this year I’ve put proposals together for:
An art exhibition
A charity family fun day
A 10th business birthday celebration
A run of tax seminars

Projects working on

Whilst having the meetings with prospective clients and new contacts there’s still the rest of the workload to keep ticking over…
* Charity Champagne tasting ball
* Charity Awards evening
* The weekly event management with a retainer client
* A weekend conference in Chester
* A run of employment seminars
* Running networking strategy training sessions
* Writing a feature about me and JayKay Events for Cheshire Life
* Creating a marketing campaign to take place in March on being the perfect hostess
* Moving JK Business Club forward
* Finding speaker opportunities
* Meeting with targets
* Attending networking meetings

The list goes on…

Awards eveningArt exhibitionclient entertaining

Networking Strategy Planning Training Sessions

One area I’m concentrating on is publicising the training sessions I run on how to help networkers with their confidence and help them create a plan of what to say, who to say it to and where to go to say it.

It’s a bit tricky to watch someone at a networking meeting and go up to them and offer to train them to network more effectively! It may come across as a little insulting!

But I do watch so many people who use the word ‘boring’ or say ‘all I do is…’ rather than singing the praises of how they love what they do and the reason for doing it!

I love watching a group of nervous individuals come together at the start of the session and by the end of it are excited and can’t wait to get to their next networking event.

I also run a ‘higher level’ of training for those who know the basics but could do with tips on how to host their own clients and events.

The feedback I’ve had has been great, but the overriding comment is how they love my enthusiasm because it oozes out and they absorb it!

Networking with JK Business Club

The JK Business Club runs four networking meetings a month and is going from strength to strength.
I’ve teamed up with a wealth management business to run a new monthly women’s lunch in Frodsham, and they also sponsor the monthly Frodsham for Business meeting along with FDR Law.

Then there’s the Chester Business Breakfast and the Women in Business lunch in Chester. I love running these meetings because there’s always such a good vibe in the room.

Someone said to me that the people I have at my networking events are more engaged and enthusiastic than people at other events, but that’s not true – they’re all the same people, it’s just people react to the environment they are in and I try to make all the meetings full of inspiration, energy and passion.

Networking with IOD and other events

I joined the IOD last year and felt really nervous going to my first event, which was the women’s conference in Manchester. I knew a couple of other people going, so to ease my discomfort I met up with them in advance and we travelled together. What a difference that made to my confidence. And when I got to the conference, I knew at least another 5 who were attending, so I didn’t need to be so nervous.

Since then I’ve booked on to as many of their events in my area as possible. I’ve met some amazing people and have learned so much already.

I attend other networking events as well because different types of networking attract different types of people…

One thing I always say to attendees of the networking training is, concentrate on the networking events that work for you – whether it’s location, time or other attendees. If we don’t fancy being where we are, then we can’t possibly showcase our best self!

Frodsham for Business networking eventsFrodsham for Business networking events


So finally we come to my new little hobby of vlogging.

This was suggested to me by a colleague who suggested commenting on some of the events I organise or go to so people can see all the different things I do. I always feel a bit daft when I start recording, but I soon get into the swing of it…and I think I’ve mastered the art of keeping it to under one minute (Facebook shuts off after one minute!)

Just yesterday I had four different people comment to me about how I’m here, there and everywhere! That is merely a perception created by the regularity of posting, as there’s always room for more, but I love what I do and I love the irregularity of my working hours. My job means late nights and early starts, but it also means Friday afternoons off if I feel like it, plus working from home allows me to do all the ‘general’ chores needed to run a house and be a single mum to three teenager sons!

Oh, and I do all of this while being the chairman of my local musical theatre group and the director of their November show – what is it they say about if you need something doing…? You ask a busy person of course!

I’m always happy to meet for a coffee (or a glass of wine!) to talk about how I can help others, whether it’s to point them in the direction of who could help their business grow, or discussing their event organising ideas to entertain clients or showcase their skills, or boosting their confidence with tips and hints on how to meet their ideal client. Just give me a shout and we can get a date in the diary.

Judith Kenyon
Events Director
JayKay Events

07941 986806