Things have moved so quickly for JayKay Events since the summer and how it’s all down to #networking, and in particular, networx4business!

JayKay Events has secured a fourth retainer, where Events Director Judith will be working with Princes Road Synagogue as their Marketing & Events Manager!

Judith was introduced to the synagogue and it’s committee by their Chairman Saul Marks, a connection from #networx4business.

Saul was aware of JayKay Events as we’d had a one to one, and when the committee discussed how they were going to turn their gorgeous synagogue into an events venue for choirs, quartets, plays, book readings etc, he invited me along to meet the team.

Judith listened to their plans, visited Princes Street Synagogue to learn more about the space and submitted a proposal, which was accepted and she will be working on retainer basis as their Marketing & Events Manager, working a number of hours a week to turn their beautiful venue into a venue of choice for visiting performers!

This goes alongside working 2 days a week with The Social Desk to manage a number of their accounts (which came from meeting James Smethurst at a #networx meeting), organising the Chester BID events and running a #socialmedia campaign for Your Office & PA Ltd…not to mention the two #networking meetings I run in #Liverpool and #Chester.

The moral of the story is, if you think networking is a waste of time where all you do is chuck a few business cards around and eat a breakfast roll, you couldn’t be more wrong!