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10 October 2017

Let’s get ready to celebrate the party season with a fab Christmas event

It’s already October and you may be thinking about how to treat your best clients/referrers/contacts to something a bit special this holiday season.

But where do you begin? There are so many invites flying around at this time of this year that if you want the pick of the crop at your event you have to make your invite as well as your event stand out but how do you do this?

JayKay Events

JayKay Events

I would suggest that your invitations should be sent in the old fashioned way of snail mail. We all get so many emails everyday that why would they notice your gorgeous e-invite amongst the hundreds that have landed in the in-box.

Spend the money and get a great invitation designed and printed on good quality card with all the details of the event including dress code and RSVP date. I would also recommend enclosing an RSVP card to make it as easy as possible for your guests to respond… and don’t forget the stamped addressed envelope or a FREEPOST address otherwise it might sit on the desk for a while waiting to be stamped.

It also pays to have your invite land on someone’s desk on a Friday, and people usually need at least 4 – 6 weeks notice so don’t delay any longer.

If you don’t use a particular design and printing company, get a recommendation for who can do you a good job for a good price. I use LinkedIn as a great resource for recommendations.

It’s all very well having a great invite, but what about the event itself.

JayKay Events

JayKay Events

What day of the week will be best? I would avoid Thursdays and Fridays as there are so many other things on those evenings.

Will you have the event starting at lunchtime, straight after work or early evening?

Are you going to go for a standard drinks evening with nibbles served or do you want something with a twist?

Are you planning on using an unusual venue for your event to use it as a pull for people to come along?

There are so many ideas for you to consider but bear in mind – who are your target guests? What is your budget? Is this a one-off or something you do regularly so there is a standard to be met?

You may have a team of staff to rely on for ideas, sharing the workload, managing the RSVPs etc or it may seem like a huge amount of work for not much return.

This is where professional event management comes into its own.

As an event management business I know that most businesses don’t budget for this type of service, but just think of how much time and effort using a professional event manager can make to you and your staff.

Using an experienced event manager means:

  • You save time and money – staff are working on their ‘proper job’ rather than spending their time organising an event
  • You get expert advice and ideas
  • You benefit from their many years experience
  • You benefit from the best rates from suppliers/venues
  • Staff attending on the day can mingle with attendees rather than trying to deal with any issues that arise

Invest in your event – many attendees have strong opinions on whether an event was good or not based on how well it was organized, and as someone once said to me, surround yourself with experts if you don’t have the expertise in-house.

I hope this has given you some ideas as to how you can treat your clients this year, but if you want any more help or advice then please get in touch.

Judith Kenyon
Head of Event Management
JayKay Events
07941 986806