JK was delighted to support Helen Watson at her Champagne Tasting Night in aid of Claire House Children’s Hospice

Last night I had the wonderful job of assisting at a Champagne tasting charity night. It all sounds rather glamorous, but in reality I was:

⭐ Wiping down the outside cushions
⭐ Hiding packaging/boxes/firepit covers
⭐ We were self catering so planning oven times
⭐ Setting out the plates/tablecloth/cutlery
⭐ Helping the singers set up
⭐ Taking coats as guests arrived
⭐ Cooking the food in batches (managed to burn the edges of a pizza so I ate that 😁)
⭐ Timing the cooking (clearly not my forte 😂)
⭐ Judging the volume of the singers
⭐ Pouring/topping up drinks
⭐ Cutting, chopping and serving food
⭐ Timing everything!
⭐ Selling raffle tickets
⭐ Drawing raffle tickets
⭐ Clearing plates/savoury food/glasses
⭐ Serving pudding
⭐ Keeping the singers fed and watered throughout
⭐ Helping the Champagne tasting company gather up the tasting glasses
⭐ Shoes on/off/on/off…I walk about 20 times further than anyone else so my feet in heels always suffer!
⭐ Forget to go to the loo for the whole evening 🙈
⭐ Slip my trainers back on and heave a gratifying sigh!

So that’s pretty much what I did last night with Helen Watson, Partner and Head of Employment Law…and I love every minute of my job ❤🥂🍾

room set up