Manic March became Mournful March within just a few hours!

Last Monday, 16th March, I was determined to still run the networking breakfast due to take place the next day at 8am. It was the 6th of 10 events I’d been working on – hence the month being known as Manic March.

I’d also featured in the Time to Shine edition of Cheshire Life, been offered a slot in Living Edge, and been nominated for Cheshire Woman of the Year Award. So it began as the best month to date…

And yet it all came to a crushing full stop at about 5pm that evening as I watched the news and heard that everything was coming to a stand still.

I just burst into tears! Not only for myself, but for my friends, children and connections – where would this leave us?

I had to immediately cancel everything – sending emails and text messages in such a flurry, whilst moping up the tears!

And on top of that, as Chairman of my local musical theatre group, I had to announce to our members that our show due to be performed in April was postponed and all rehearsals cancelled with immediate effect.

A bloody hard day, that was.

BUT I’m not one to focus on the doom and gloom of things and started planning how I could turn my business into something that DIDN’T rely on corporate events, face to face meetings or group networking meetings.

And that’s when the Home Front Online meetings were borne in conjunction with marketing guru Amanda Wynne Evans from Wynne Marketing.

Amanda and I have worked together for quite a while and it made sense to work with someone else – for support, guidance, ideas and morale boosting.

We’re running 3 online networking meetings a week for people to join in via Zoom, and it’s been great so far.

I’ve also created a training presentation to be delivered via Zoom to business leaders who need advice on how to support staff during a crisis. Many business leaders are so focussed on keeping their business going that they may not recognise the needs of their own staff members.

But that’s it for now – keeping going, keeping motivated, touching base with connections, checking in with friends and family…and drinking far too much over evening Zoom sessions!

Keep safe everyone. Every day is a day closer to the end of this strange world we find ourselves in!

If I can help you or your staff in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07941 986806 or email me