Last week JayKay Events shared a blog about how saying YES more often can bring about new opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter…and here’s the perfect example of what can happen.

As you may be aware, while we wait for all things JayKay Events & event management to come back to life, Events Director Judith Kenyon taken a part time job with Sarah Basey and her team at Your Office & PA Ltd. I spend my time answering the phone for any one of the 500+ clients using this answering service.

Last week Sarah and I had a chat about a project she’d like JayKay to work on, Sunday morning Judith wrote the proposal and yesterday we agreed the job 🤩🥳⭐

So what started as a short term, part time “keep the wolf from the door” job has landed me a good monthly retainer project ❤

Judith Kenyon
Events Director
JayKay Events

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