How do you keep an event management business going in a pandemic?

When I’ve discussed the difficulties encountered since last March by JayKay Events and event management in general with friends, they’ve all said the same thing “Events will be back, you’ll be so busy when they are…” which is very nice to hear but doesn’t actually pay the bills or put food in the fridge.

Do you say the niceties or do you say something constructive?

I like to think I’m on the constructive side of things…

As you may have seen, I’m now working in a part time role to see me through the next few months, and I don’t think I’d have done this without my mentor telling me to look at other strings I have to my bow and utilising them.

It’s huge thanks to Sarah Basey (friend and now BOSS!) of Your Office & PA Ltd who has taken me on, knowing that my passion is still JayKayEvents and that I’ll be back doing that as soon as I can, but as she was looking for staff was very happy to have me trained up to answer the phone to the 500 different companies on their books!

Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we planned, through no fault of our own, and we have to dust off our resilience, seek the positives and crack on! And that’s exactly what I’m doing…

JK operates mornings and evenings with and in the afternoons I’m talking for a living (so no change there then!) I’m very available for meetings to discuss your future event plans so please get in touch NOW to get them moving forward!