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4 November 2019

This is a question that I am frequently presented with, and I fully understand why it is asked.

I recently did a presentation on what’s involved in event management and the comments I received were “Wow, I had no idea there was so much involved”, and “You’ve made it so clear why using an expert is the way to go”…

The thing is, you can organise an event yourself, whether it’s a private event like celebrating a special day, a corporate event like client entertaining or doing a fundraising event.

JayKay Events

JayKay Events

BUT the difference between doing it yourself and using a professional is huge. If it’s not your ‘day job’ you’re taking time away from your usual work and having to concentrate on something that may not be your expertise.

The areas of event management that can be challenging are:

  1. Coming up with an idea in the first place that will mean your aims are met
  2. Getting great prices and negotiating with suppliers
  3. Adding that ‘je ne sais quo’, and adding extra ‘sparkle’ to make it a really memorable event
  4. Knowing what will work and what won’t
  5. Paying the closest of attention to detail to get everything spot on

When it’s an added job on your TO DO list, organising your event won’t get the attention it should.

When choosing who to work with on your event, I would suggest you consider the following:

  1. What experience do they have in running events of the type you have in mind?
  2. Do they understand your business so they know what you need to achieve from the event?
  3. Can they give examples of the extra mile they’ve gone to for previous clients?
  4. Do they manage well under stress (it’s pretty rare for a venue to get everything 100% correct because it’s unlikely the FOH staff have worked on any of the organising)
  5. Is event management their passion?

To sum it up, managing an event from start to finish is a full time job, and creating a well organised event is key in its success!

As the client, you don’t want to be worrying about what time the food is coming out, is the room the right temperature, is the guest list accurate, will the music be turned off during speeches – none of it is rocket science, but why add the stress to your own day? You can turn up, entertain your guests and enjoy it, knowing that your event is being run by a competent and expert team!

In case you were wondering, the above is everything that JayKay Events offers to clients.

Let’s chat over a coffee and see if I can either give you some ideas or get involved with the plans already in place, thereby allowing you to take a step back and let it all happen around you, whilst still being in the loop with regular updates from the events team.

Judith Kenyon
JayKay Events

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