Networking Strategy Training
An Introduction…

I was delighted to be invited into a solicitors’ firm to deliver a two hour Networking Strategy training session to some key members of staff who want to network but don’t feel too comfortable doing it.

The first thing I have to do is make everyone feel at ease the minute they walk into the training session. There was a group of 8 and a few looked rather nervous. They had all received a pre-training questionnaire so I could see which areas they specifically needed support with, and they all knew they’d leave armed with networking “top tips” and a great pitch.

We began by discussing the basics of networking, what the point of it is, who they want to network with and where to find them!

The session was interactive, which is a skill in itself. Everyone was rather reticent at the beginning to share their thoughts, but once they’d relaxed and I’d made them laugh a few times, it all began to flow out of them!

Once we’d discussed what’s included in a great pitch, I gave them 10 minutes to write their own. I was bowled over with what they wrote!

Every single one of them had found the confidence to talk about their own expertise, they used key words that the firm liked to use and shared an experience to underline their knowledge. It was fantastic! I was applauding each of them, I was so proud of them all.

The above might sound really basic, but if you drill down into how many people feel about networking, most lack confidence with it and feel they don’t have anything ‘exciting’ or ‘relevant’ to say. I can’t tell you how many times I listen to someone from the corporate world say “What I do is really boring…”

Please don’t tell me that! Why would I listen to someone who’s going to tell me how boring they are????

I love delivering the training, and watching people’s confidence grow.

I’m going back to the firm in about 6 weeks to do a follow up hour, to see how they’ve got on and if they felt their pitch was working for them.

The plan will then be to move onto the second area of training where we discuss follow up in detail and how to turn connections into referrers to potential clients.

For more information please give me a ring on 07941 986806 so we can discuss how I can help you and your team.