Case Study One – Zoo Tour

An out of hours tour of a local zoo was organised for 100 guests, which included solicitors, bankers, accountants and other business professionals.

I arrived an hour ahead of the guests to check the venue was ready for the guests, to ensure parking was available, the room was set up, the registration desk was set up, timings were accurate, the catering staff knew what was expected and everything was in place for an excellent evening.

The guests arrived and enjoyed some pre-tour nibbles with a welcome drink before being welcomed formally by the host. The guests were divided into three tour groups (this had been done in advance and their tour number added to their name badge to minimise complications on the evening and to ensure an even spread of staff amongst the guests).

The guests enjoyed a 90 minute tour of the zoo in their various groups, being given detailed information that zoo visitors wouldn’t normally get. Everyone returned to the restaurant where a BBQ was served with complimentary wine and soft drinks.

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