Do you go to networking events but find it really daunting when it’s your turn to introduce yourself to your table or, even worse, stand up and address the room?

How would it be if you could feel confident at every event you attended?
What if you left each meeting having met new potential clients/referrers/connections and didn’t feel the need to hide behind your phone?
Imagine giving your elevator pitch with a new found confidence, rather than stumbling over your words!

The networking strategy training starts with a two hour session which covers the following:

What is networking?
Planning and creating your strategy
How to make small talk during the open networking
What should your pitch include?
Finalising your pitch
How to do the essential follow up

A month later we have a follow up one hour session to see what’s worked for you and what might need changing/tweaking.

People work with people they know, like and trust. Having confidence at networking meetings is essential to create those vital relationships with other businesses.

Judith Kenyon, Events Director (and very experienced networker!)

What attendees say about our networking training

“I can’t thank you enough Judith Kenyon. Focus = confidence, confidence = better delivery! I would highly recommend a training session with JayKay Event” Paul Kyte, PK Photography & Multimedia

What our clients say about us

“When you have an event run by JayKay Events, you know you have an event that gives your guests a professional and personal experience all in one.”

What our clients say about us

“JayKay Events gives you the added value of personal care – Judith takes time to really understand you and your business and ensures that that shows through every aspect of your event.”

What our clients say about us

“Judith goes above and beyond the normal event planning and delivery process, she personally oversees and delivers your event to the highest standard which reflects every aspect of your business.”

What our clients say about us

“Judith is flexible, however, she is also honest and creative with her ideas and approaches, therefore, she ensures you get exceptional value for money.”

What our clients say about us

“I have worked with Judith for 4 years now and her ability to organise and promote events, and the manner in which she deals with people, always impresses me. Judith has been my events organiser for 3 years on the run now for my annual charity balls and I really couldn’t do it without her.”