Zoom Etiquette

How are you finding it being part of meetings on platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, whether as the host or a participant?

Here are my TOP TIPS on how to present and be present on Zoom meeting. This isn’t about how to use the platform itself, but how to make it work for you.

Using Zoom Effectively Part 1
Verbal Communication

  1. Keep yourself muted
    After you’ve said hello to the host and other participants, keep yourself on mute until it’s your turn to speak or you’re invited to speak.
  2. If you wish to say something, raise your hand…do NOT interrupt…whether you are the host or a participant.
    It’s very difficult to concentrate on the person speaking if the microphone keeps flicking between people who are muttering, even if it’s in agreement.
  3. Make sure you know how to unmute yourself or turn off your camera
    You won’t always know when it’s your turn to speak so make sure you know where the UNMUTE button is. Likewise, if you need to turn your camera off for any reason (maybe a child has come wandering in) then know how to do so quickly to cause minimum disruption (embarrassment!) to the meeting.
  4. Watch what you say!
    Even if someone is muted and has their camera off, they can still hear what is happening in the meeting! Beware of inappropriate comments about someone you think has left but hasn’t!
  5. Let the host HOST. The host is in charge of the meeting and decides how the meeting is run. Don’t monopolise, even if the meeting isn’t being run as efficiently as it could be

Remember – The rules are no different to how you would behave in any professional meeting.