Zoom Etiquette

How are you finding it being part of meetings on platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, whether as the host or a participant?

Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing my TOP TIPS on how to present and be present on Zoom meeting. This isn’t about how to use the platform itself, but how to make it work for you.

Using Zoom Effectively Part 2
Actions and Body Language

  1. Turn up on time
    Arriving when the introductions are being done, or a conversation is in full flow, is disruptive and off-putting.
  2. Don’t leave your desk
    I’m sure you wouldn’t just get up from the table if you were in a face to face meeting, whether in a group or a one to one coffee
  3. Don’t be distracted by people coming into your office/meeting room
    Turning away to listen to someone else shows that you’re not listening to the speaker
  4. Watch your face!
    If you have an expressive face, pay attention to the expression on it! Everyone can see you remember!
  5. Don’t eat
    Even if you’re on a meeting over lunchtime, no one wants to watch you with a mouth full of food!
  1. Let the host HOST!
    The host is in charge of the meeting and decides how the meeting is run. Don’t monopolise, even if the meeting isn’t being run as efficiently as it could be

Remember – The rules are no different to how you would behave in any professional meeting.