Networking – Face to Face V OnLine

I’ve been working really hard on my social media presence because how else do I get people to understand who I am and what I do without regular contact.

It is clearly working as at the last few networking events I’ve attended I’ve had people congratulate me on my recent achievements, including how I’m ‘killing’ it online, or who see I’m attending the event and make a beeline to make a personal connection with me. There’s not much greater compliment than that!

But I do think it’s tricky to know a) what to talk about and b) how often to post.

I’ve done a recent analysis of my LinkedIn posts and most get a reasonable engagement of reactions and views, but by far the best ones are the posts about my personal achievements e.g. I posted about directing a show 30 years after I first appeared in it and that’s had a great reaction despite it being nothing to do with work!

But what it also does is create a greater understanding of me and is different to many others’ sales posts.

Of course you can’t just post about yourself and expect people to either see it or read it – you need to be reading and commenting on other people’s posts as well. Otherwise it’s the same as when you’re in a networking meeting and someone corners you and talks incessantly about themselves and how great they are – we all know how BOOOOORRRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG that is!

I always recommend to people that they be active on social media – I’m much better on LinkedIn than any of the other platforms because that seems to work best for me.

If you’re not sure what to post about create a good old spreadsheet and write down some headings that pop into your head. You don’t need to have the full content planned, just maybe a few points that cover what you’re currently focussing on.

LinkedIn should be 20% sales and 80% YOU! So use an authentic voice that people can believe in, begin to trust and want to work with.

You should also remember that over the gazillion registered users on LinkedIn, only just over 1% actively post so make sure you’re one of those!

Get active on your social media AND meet up with those all important connections.!

If you lack confidence in face to face networking give me a shout and we can talk about how I can help with my Networking Strategy training sessions – perfect for perfecting your pitch and increasing your confidence!

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