What does networking look like in 2021?

Daryl Vickers & Judith Kenyon, organisers of networx4business, share their thoughts on where networking will go in 2021…


There’s no denying that for last 10 months have been hard on many businesses, not only because of financial complications, staffing issues, personal challenges and economic questions, but also because winning business, creating new opportunities and growing connections through networking has brought it’s own difficulties.

Some networking groups has disbanded, some have reduced their meetings, but many have created very successful online meetings.

But how long before we’re allowed to be in the a meeting room again? And will networking groups go back to face to face or will they stay with the easier option of online?

networx4business swiftly followed the changes and adapted their face to face meetings to online straight away.

As soon as face to face was allowed in a small capacity Daryl arranged different types of meetings – some hybrid with some people in the room and some attending online, and a couple of netwalk meetings with members meeting outside and enjoying a good walk in the fresh air.

For now all 15 meetings are online, but Daryl and Judith will be running hybrid meetings as soon as they are able, which they envisage to be from April.

The meetings will always be held in Covid-secure venues as the safety and well-being of members is their number one priority, and will be run in accordance with the latest guidelines and legislation.

networx currently runs meetings in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Wrexham, Little Sutton, Deeside, Eastham, Heswall, Birkenhead, Frodsham & Halton as well as an online lunch meeting, which will remain online even when face to face returns.

The benefit of hybrid meetings for networx members is the members get to choose how they wish to network. Many find the lack of travel hugely beneficial to their day, while others are relishing the thought of getting out and about again. networx will offer both options to members and their membership costs will reflect their preference!

Judith joined the networx team in January and has only met most of the members virtually so far. She can’t wait to meet them in ‘real life’ at the enormous SHEBANG she and Daryl have planned for ALL their members later this year! What this space for more details!

For more information on all the networx4business meetings and it’s members please go to www.networx4business.co.uk or email judith@networx4business.co.uk or daryl@networx4business.co.uk

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