Do you find working on your own a perfect way to get your work done and bring out your creative side with silence and time to think? Or do you find it a bit isolating and don’t like the solitude?

I started thinking about this today because my neighbours have both recently lost their jobs – they were air cabin crew for Thomas Cook! I saw them over Christmas and asked how things were going and they said it was a struggle as they search for new roles which could suit them. And being a couple they want to continue working together. This sounds to me like a big ask.

They are feeling isolated and are starting to lose confidence in themselves because of the lack of social interaction in a work place. But on the positive side they are thinking about setting up a business and I’m going to pop round for a chat with them to talk about their ideas and how they can become a reality.

I personally would find that a difficult situation to cope with.

I started working from home four years ago, and I filled my diary with marketing plans so I wasn’t tempted to put things off and just become a couch potato.

This was when I first started networking. It became invaluable to me as a way of meeting other business people and sharing my ideas of how to grow, as well as getting me out of the house.

I struggled with the solitude of working from home – I’m a very sociable person and find quietness a bit daunting. It wasn’t long before I was out and about either networking or having business meetings but it took a lot of confidence to motivate myself to do this.

I now have the luxury of working from home a couple of days a week as well as working in a client’s office two days a week. When I’m at home I fill my day with planning sessions and meetings (as well as fitting in doing the washing and managing my home so I have my weekends free!) I find that being at home allows my thoughts to run free and it’s when I come up with most business growth ideas. When I’m in the client’s office my day is filled with their event management structure and the days whizz past.

I applaud those who manage to work successfully at home all week, but it’s not for me so I’m so pleased I’ve managed to create a working environment that works so well. I also often taken Friday afternoons off which I love.

However you work, whether from home or in an office, being happy and satisfied with your job is such an important part of your well being. I do hope that you all have a great work/life balance as well.

For anyone wishing to network, the JK Business Club offers excellent networking opportunities. If you’re not confident at walking into a room of strangers please get in touch because I run courses specifically aimed at increasing your confidence by giving lots of tips as to how to network effectively, as well as helping you create the perfect elevator pitch and how to talk to people during the open networking session.

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