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Judith Kenyon is not only an expert events organiser, but she is also an actress, singer, vlogger and voice over artist.

Her slow, deliberate tones mean she doesn’t distract from the videography whilst explaining the content succinctly and accurately.

Judith is based in the North West but with a southern accent. With the power of technology, she can work anywhere in the world to showcase your service with a gentle voice complementing your artwork.

All Judith needs is the script an hour or two in advance in order to familiarise herself with any challenging words and she prides herself on completing the voice over work in no more than 3 takes, depending on your requirements.

If you have a video that would benefit from professional commentary then please email Judith.kenyon@jaykayevents.co.uk

Whether you are a company putting on client entertainment, or an individual wanting to make a difference, let JayKay Events take away the stress of organising your event

JayKay Events works with clients to deliver quality event management, ensuring success and excellent management on the day.

We can organise the entire event for you, from initial idea to front of house management on the day, or assist in specific areas where you need guidance and support.

Invest in your event

Don’t underestimate the amount of work that goes into putting on an event. Many attendees will have a strong opinion on whether an event was good or not by how well it was organised. Surround yourself with experts to ensure YOUR event is professional and runs smoothly and efficiently.

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What our clients say about us

“When you have an event run by JayKay Events, you know you have an event that gives your guests a professional and personal experience all in one.”

What our clients say about us

“JayKay Events gives you the added value of personal care – Judith takes time to really understand you and your business and ensures that that shows through every aspect of your event.”

What our clients say about us

“Judith goes above and beyond the normal event planning and delivery process, she personally oversees and delivers your event to the highest standard which reflects every aspect of your business.”

What our clients say about us

“Judith is flexible, however, she is also honest and creative with her ideas and approaches, therefore, she ensures you get exceptional value for money.”

What our clients say about us

“I have worked with Judith for 4 years now and her ability to organise and promote events, and the manner in which she deals with people, always impresses me. Judith has been my events organiser for 3 years on the run now for my annual charity balls and I really couldn’t do it without her.”