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28 June 2017

I’ve met a lot of people since I became self employed last year, but strangely enough there are still some LinkedIn & Facebook contacts I haven’t met yet – and some who I may never meet! But that doesn’t mean we can’t have an understanding of each other… so I thought I’d share my story with you (try not to nod off!)

So, where to begin, well I’m a southerner (although I must state that it’s not ME with the accent round here 🙂 ) and I moved up to beautiful Cheshire in 2011 with my husband and children just because I could. Neither my husband nor I moved for work (he’s self employed and I wasn’t back at work after having my children) and I didn’t realise how brave this was until everyone started telling me so. But I think that says a lot about me, I’m a big believer in making plans for where you are in life at the moment, and if that ends up being a mistake you just make another change to get things back on track. Keep moving forward, never stand still, is my motto and I apply this to my business daily.

Fast track a couple of years to 2013 when I started working in the marketing department of a firm of solicitors where I managed their events and communications. I loved working there, had great colleagues and friends (only a few miseries to spoil the fun, but where doesn’t?) and worked hard to make all the events the best they could be… and they were great!

This is one of my favourite photos from the many events I organised.

JayKay Events

JayKay Events

But nothing stands still, and in 2016, after a number of changes at work, I decided it was time to go it alone and take the big step of joining the self employed… after all, I could always get another job if it didn’t work out.

I didn’t start JayKay Events immediately (imaginatively named after myself) because I was having a bit of a crisis of confidence but after being asked to organise a charity ball for a previous colleague I soon realised event planning was where my passion lay. That was the first of many events I’ve organised as JayKay Events.

I now spend my days planning what to arrange next – I currently work with Cheshire Business Events to organise Women In Business NW meetings. This is the No. 1 women’s networking group and we cover Chester, Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside. We have a regular following plus newcomers to every meeting and I love it. I love watching the guests conducting business in a friendly, informal way. Learning about each other and sharing stories to create good relationships between each other. My favourite quote from a guest is “Working isn’t supposed to be this much fun”. How great is that!

JayKay Events

JayKay Events

I run a healthy outdoor networking group with colleague Ali Wheeler from Feelgoodco.org.uk called Netwalk Your Network, where we meet at Delamere Forest monthly, and walk and talk our businesses to each other… one of the best parts is the lunch provided by Delamere Cafe that is just perfect after 90 minutes of walking.

I also run training workshops because I’m so passionate about what I do that I want everyone to be able to tell their story to potential new clients with ease, confidence and vibrancy. As we all know, people buy from people, and if you have a shy wall-flower compared to a lively, confident person then who will you want to do business with?

My new venture is running monthly networking and training meetings in Chester, which starts in September with the support of NatWest. There will be refreshments and networking, and every meeting will include a talk on a subject that is designed to grow your business, whether it’s how to complete tax returns online, how to make the best of social media, legal updates etc etc… you get the idea. If you’re interested in coming along please click here to book your place or you can email me for more information.

To see all the events I organise please have a look here

Well that’s all for now, please let me know what makes you tick and why you do what you do as it’s all about making great connections.

PS Well done for getting to the end!