JK Business Club is popular with attendees!

The JK Business Club is a big part of the offering of JK Business Support helping businesses to connect and learn from each other.

During September, over 50 businesses have logged on and joined this growing group of networkers, with speakers covering how to network effectively and using LinkedIn to your advantage.

The next meeting is on Monday 5 October and will be focussing on how to use images and photography to capture your audience on social media.

Each attendee gets two free places and can earn additional places by introducing newbies, at no cost to the new attendee.

The group is focussed on working together, connecting, understanding each other and creating a really great support network. There’s a community hub for attendees on LinkedIn so it’s even easier to carry on the conversations started online.

At just £15 a meeting, this group is really worthwhile attending to grow your business.

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To book your place please visit www.jaykayevents.co.uk/networking-with-jkbizclub/

What attendees say