Why should I pay for networking when there are plenty of free ones around?

Good question!
There are a few reasons why there is a fee for the JK Business Club meetings…

  1. This group is for serious networkers, who understand how it works, or want to learn how to make it work for them and the others in the group.
  2. Everyone is encouraged to continue the connecting outside of the meetings and to have 1 to 1s
  3. It gives the meeting a ‘worth’ which means fewer drop outs on the day
  4. There are incentives to ‘earn’ free places such as bringing a guest, being a speaker or becoming a sponsor where you can speak to everyone about your business and have your logo on all the marketing materials
  5. It’s a big part of the JK Business Support offering – making key introductions. Having an attendance fee involves means I manage it as part of my business structure and my own business development thereby giving the full amount of effort.
  6. There’s a cost to having a Zoom account!

What makes your event different?

The answer is ME! That may not be something I should say, but I know that meetings run by me are full of fun, inspiration, energy as well as being extremely organised, having a business element, and very worthwhile!

How many online networking meetings have you gone to and you’ve literally being talked AT for the hour apart from the 2 minutes you were given to quickly gabble about you, your business and what you’re looking for.

Or the ones that are just aimless chats – which can be great but not always the most productive for your business.

Well, the JK Business Club meetings include:
Networking Tip Of The Day
Short intro by everyone to the group before going into breakout rooms for deeper conversations, each room with a host so everyone gets an even turn
A featured networker who gets the floor for 5 minutes to talk about their business
A guest speaker giving advice, solving problems, boosting confidence, helping your business grow
And everyone is encouraged to make 1 to 1s, to support each other on social media, the opportunity to be part of a community hub on WhatsApp

Structured yet fun is the name of the game with my events!

I go to so many networking meetings, I’m not sure I have the time or energy for anymore

I absolutely get this, but what I would say is to use your two free meetings to see how you feel about the group. You can’t expect to win any business that quickly, but you can expect to make some great connections.

There’s no obligation to attend every meeting, there’s no membership fee, it’s purely PAYG, but attending regularly will help build your reputation and grow those connections quicker.

How many people will be at the meetings?

The meetings will be running whether we have ten or 100 people online…even if I’m sitting there alone (but I hope that doesn’t happen otherwise I’ll be sad!)

I know many groups are set up, don’t get the traction and disappear as quickly as they appeared, but I’ve been running the networking meetings for nearly 3 years now so I’m here for the long haul with the new online look!

Will the meetings always be online only?

For now, yes.

I am organising small meetings of up to 6 people from different sectors to meet face to face in a socially distanced manner, but this is done by invitation only, although I’m planning on doing more of those as we move forward.

If you’ve got any more questions please drop me a message Judith.kenyon@jaykayevents.co.uk or ring me on 07941 986806